Since the moment of coming to Ukrainian market Philip Morris company has been actively involved in charity activities focusing on the most needy and vulnerable population groups.

PMU Help to Disabled Children program addresses the issue of rehabilitation of children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Rehabilitation facilities were donated to medical and social rehabilitation centers for children with nervous system disorders in 16 cities across Ukraine

ECO Press organized and implemented a series of national and local media events to support PMU Help to Disabled Children program.
ECO Press also performed arrangements with TV companies printed and web media, ensured on-going media relations at all project stages and monitored the media coverage.

ECO Press provided PR support to other PMU national charity activities, especially Chernobyl Help Project (in cooperation with the Children of Chornobyl Development and Relief Fund, international Charitable Foundation “Centre for Innovations and Development”, Charitable Foundation “Friends of Children Association”) by organizing national media events with the participation of the PMU speakers and a health care officials to cover the most important donations within this program.



In 2009-2011 within the Social Assistance System Modernization Project (the World Bank and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine) ECO Press has implemented a comprehensive range of activities that included strategy development for Public Education Campaign , corporate identity development and production of print materials, Publication of monthly newsletter ‘Socialny Visnyk’ (Social Herald) and TV Programme ‘Social Compass’, as well as production of weekly TV and radio programmes; Production and placement of TV segments on the national and regional TV channels, Organization of the national media seminar in Kiev and more than 50 Press Club meetings and press tours in all regions of Ukraine. Implementation of media activities and media monitoring throughout Ukraine.

Preliminary evaluation of the performance and impact of the Project “Improvement of the Social Support System”, which was performed in September 2010 by the NGO “Kyiv Institute of Economy”, Kyiv School of Economics, and the research company JFK Ukraine, has confirmed that information campaign “had a significant positive influence on the rates of knowledge among the adult population, primarily among the potential recipients”. According to the researchers, in contrast to 2008 (before the launch of the campaign), when only 25% of the population was aware of the eligibility criteria to receive social assistance, in 2010 this rate increased to 60%.

Results of media monitoring and analysis of the journalist questionnaires collected following the media events, have also confirmed the growth of awareness and interest of journalists towards the topics of social assistance, while the overall number of relevant publications has also increased.



During the period from January, 2015 through April, 2015 ECO Press provided services on the implementation of the public information campaign within the framework of the project “Moving Forward Energy Tariff Reforms”.

Trainings were organized through the local Press Clubs in each region with participation of local authorities, experts and Bank staff.

As a result, ECO Press Agency offered, organized and implemented 6 training workshops in the regional hubs and one training for regional media in Kyiv, which involved journalists from 24 regions of Ukraine.

Journalists representing the most popular regional TV, Radio, printed press and Internet media took part in the training workshops. Also, we invited representatives of local radio companies and city/rayon newspapers from the rayon centres and small towns. Total number of participants was 278 people.

The training workshops have significantly influenced the understanding by the journalists of the need of Tariff Reform to achieve energy independence of the country, understanding of its goal, mechanisms and social protection activities for the low income populations.

Overall, the media trainings resulted in almost 273 materials and publications. including TV, radio, printed press and Internet. According to the preliminary estimates, the total audience of this coverage exceeded 14,1 million people.



ЕСО Press Mass Communications Agency  provided communication support to a number of Procter & Gamble corporate and charity projects in Ukraine such as:

  • Opening of  the  first Procter & Gamble Distribution Center in Ukraine (Lviv region) – strategy development, contacts with local officials, opening ceremony  and  press conference event management, media relations, TV content production etc.;
  • “Quality without Risk” – an educational program on the response to fake products (in cooperation with the State Consumer Rights Protection Committee at the State Standardization Committee of Ukraine and oblast public administrations in 5 oblasts with the participation of Procter & Gamble Ukraine) – the project strategy development, implementation of over 20 seminars, press club meetings, press conferences, TV production;
  • “Blend-a-Med – Healthy Ukraine” (Procter & Gamble Ukraine and Ukrainian Dentists’ Association with a support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) – project strategy development, organization of press club meetings and press conferences in 12 regions of Ukraine;
  • P&G 10 Years  in Ukraine Celebration – strategy development, government relations, reception  for government official and national  press conference  management, media relations, copywriting, TV content production etc.;
  • P&G Ukraine new office opening ceremony. Participants to the official ribbon-cutting ceremony included Mr. Robert A. McDonald (on the picture), then Vice Chairman Procter & Gamble, Global Operations. ECO Press team organized media relations and TV Production;
  • PR support to P&G purchasing a world-renowned hair care company Wella/Londa. ECO Press implemented  and communicated  high profile event to officially introduce P&G Beauty in Ukraine with the focus on Wella/Londa products;
  • PR activities to  support  P&G Ukraine  production facilities in Boryspil (Kyiv region), and Ordzhonikidze  (Dnipropetrovs’k region), specifically the Procter & Gamble Manufacturing program  “Social Partnership for Ordzhonikidze City Community” – relations with the local opinion leaders, implementation of all media events, development, production and distribution  of video, print and web content;
  • Communication support to “Healthy Children of Ukraine”  – P&G key donation program in Ukraine. Its main purpose was to provide help to babies born with health abnormalities by purchasing and installing unique medical equipment into different institutions of children health care throughout Ukraine. For the 10 years of project realization P&G contributions within ‘Healthy Children of Ukraine’ key charity project have already made up USD 1.3 million. ECO Press did it’s best to make this activity more visible and generally recognized; it included strategy development, organization of the national and regional press conferences, video, print and web content production and distribution. All charity acts were broadly covered by the national and regional media.

In addition, the ECO Press team implemented multiple marketing projects and provided informational support to the world renowned P&G brands, such as Ariel, Bonux, Tide, Pantene Pro-V, Blend-a-Med, Camay, Fairy, Clairol, Head & Shoulders, Tampax, Pampers , Always, and others.



Most people in Ukraine are vaccinated against tetanus and therefore protected from this disease. Yet there are millions of moms and babies around the globe who did not receive this vaccine – as a result, close to 30,000 women and 140,000 children die from tetanus annually.

Tetanus kills one child every three minutes around the world; more than 95% infected babies with no access to adequate care die of this disease, while simple and cheap vaccine is enough to make them live.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and TM Pampers joined their efforts to save mothers and children from tetanus. The ensuing campaign “1 Package = 1 Vaccine” sought to use a part of revenues from the sales of Pampers® products on procurement of tetanus vaccines for mothers and their babies in some of the poorest countries in the world.

The ECO Press agency offered a comprehensive communication support to the project. A press tour of Ukrainian journalists and photographers to the Democratic Republic of Congo was one of key events. Reporters from dedicated media could personally observe the process of immunization, and described it to the readers.

In the meantime, photographers Oleksandr Nesterenko and Ihor Berezovchuk produced a photo exhibition “Give Them a Chance to Live”, dedicated to children of DRC. This exhibition captured attention of the general public and mass media (some of these photos can be found in “Photo/Video” section of this website).



Site 5 top round

ECO Press Mass Communications Agency is glad to welcome you at its new address . From now on our website will live here. When people move to a new apartment in real life, they usually make repairs, and we also slightly update the design of our sight to make it more adaptive, friendlier to mobile devices and search engines. Our website appeared quite a long time ago, and now it is high time to renovate it. Of course, we will not place all our projects on the site – there are more than 1,000 of them – but for our friends and clients we launch ‘Historic Galleries’ on the ECO Press website (please, see Photo-Video section), where we are going to place the galleries with our projects implemented back in 1990-s and early 2000-s that have become a part of mass communications history in Ukraine, under the hash tag ‘Our History’.


One of the acknowledged leaders of the Ukrainian chocolate market – TM “Korona” (the Crown) by Kraft Foods Ukraine (currently Mondelez International) has launched the first-ever chocolate festival in Ukraine.
The chocolate celebration lasted in Kyiv for three days. Residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital witnessed a spectacular event, where everyone could discover the magical world of chocolate. At the Korona Festival the participants plunged into the charming “chocolate” atmosphere, observing creation of sculptures made of black and milk chocolate, learning the secrets of origin of true chocolate, attending the chocolate boutique, communicating with the “Aztec God of Quetzalcoatl”, and simply enjoying the taste of chocolate.
In the course of the festival the chocolate craftsmen set a new record with the largest chocolate bar (3 tons, 4 m long and 2 m high). This record-breaking “Korona” bar was registered in the Ukraine’s Book of Records.
The ECO Press team ensured full communication support of the festival, including strategy development, promotion, content development and dissemination, media relations, organization of media events, TV production, post-coverage and monitoring. The overall media coverage included over 50 TV spots (over 16 million viewers), 40 publications in printed media (5 million copies), as well as broad coverage on the radio and in Internet.


For 5 months up to two million Kinder chocolate lovers selected new “faces” for the wrapping of their favourite product.

Instead of professional models, the campaign attracted 5 thousand Ukrainian children.

This unique opportunity was provided by the Ferrero – a manufacturer of extremely popular Kinder chocolate. Under the terms of this promo campaign, parents could post photos of their kids on the website, while its visitors openly voted for the best candidates.

100 professional photo sessions and over 4 thousand unique presents waited for the participants of the promo event. 6 lucky winners could find their own images on promo packages of Kinder candies.

The ECO Press team contributed to the development of photo and video content, produced TV spots for the leading national channels, and provided PR support to the promo campaign.


Within the framework of its charitable programme “Together against Breast Cancer”, AVON Ukraine delivered up-to-date diagnostic equipment to the Dnipropetrovsk oblast clinical oncology hospital, and initiated a one-day march “The Walk for Life”.The ECO Press team provided communication support to the project events in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk.

Charitable programme “Together against Breast Cancer” was initiated by AVON Ukraine in 2001 to raise awareness of women about the importance of prophylaxis and early diagnostics of breast cancer. By collecting charitable contributions to procure necessary equipment, the programme aims at making timely medical checks available to women throughout Ukraine.

AVON Breast Cancer Crusade programme operates in many countries. By implementing this programme and selling “Pink Ribbon” products, AVON contributed more than 500 million dollars around the globe. The programme is actively supported by the presidents, the crowned heads, celebrities, as well as businesses and non-governmental organizations all over the world. Charitable events in each country try to address local issues.


ECO Press Mass Communications agency is not only capable of producing high quality advertising and corporate videos, reels, and TV programs, but also of broadcasting them on the best terms. We have an in-house TV production center and a modern studio for voicing over and adapting video materials. We can produce and voice over your corporate videos in English, Ukrainian or Russian languages.
We also produce our own TV programs, particularly, the Sіlsky Chas (=Farm Time=) and that is being broadcast on national channels and is the most influential media program for agricultural audience. It had been in the air for over 17 years already.
Sіlsky Chas (=Farm Time=) TV Program team have been working in close cooperation and partnership with international organizations and projects that contribute to agricultural sector modernization in Ukraine. Since 1999 our team has implemented TV support to the projects, such as:

– UN Project to Support Women Farmers – workshops and training for women farmers in different oblasts (provinces) of Ukraine (with the support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and oblast public administrations) – TV coverage;

– TACIS farmer support project in different regions of Ukraine that included creation of information centers (in cooperation with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and State Committee for Business Development in Ukraine) – TV coverage;

– Poverty Reduction and Business Development in Rural Areas – with support from DFID and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine – production of a series of 14 educational documentaries “Making Business in a Village – First Steps”;

– UNDP projects (in 2004-2005) including the project for social support to rural residents, creation and activities of rural communities) – educational TV footages;

– Land Privatization Support Project in Ukraine (with support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, State Land Resource Committee, oblast public administrations and international organizations (ULTI) – implementation of field TV forums;

– TACIS project to create and develop the legislation base for civil society organizations of agricultural producers in Ukraine (with support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) – coverage of the workshops and project stages;

– Anti-counterfeit TV campaign – Preparing and broadcasting of anti-counterfeit TV materials in Silskiy Chas TV Program (ECPA European Crop Protection Association in the framework of the Program “CIP-Anti Counterfeit, Training and Awareness” ACF Action Plan, Ukraine).