Media relations



ECO Press Mass Communications Agency provides exclusive media relations services – from the development of media campaign strategies to the creation of press services and permanent press centers.

We can organize media relations on an ongoing basis, or provide media support to individual projects.

We will professionally and efficiently organize and implement your media events in Kyiv and all Ukrainian regions, including press conferences, press tours, press clubs, workshops and other events with participation of mass media.

It includes full service – starting from concept development, speech drafting, professional press kits production, invitation of print media and news media journalists and TV crews, provision of premises and presentation equipment.

We will also ensure the uniform branding of an event, will develop design and texts for press kits, prepare a comprehensive package of presentation materials – press releases, infographics, souvenirs, reference materials on paper or in electronic form, video releases in professional TV formats, TV and photo reports on the outcomes of the event.

We have representatives and partners in the regional centers of Ukraine and are co-founders of the unique regional Press Club network, which operates in 24 regional centers of Ukraine and enables us to efficiently organize media relations in the regions of Ukraine that are of interest to our client and within a three-day period to arrange news conferences, seminars, or other press events in any oblast center of the country and to ensure the widest media coverage.

ECO Press Mass Communications Agency has a diversified network of representatives throughout Ukraine, which makes it possible to quickly organize media events in any part of the country.

We are co-founders of the unique network of 24 Regional Press Clubs that cover all regions of Ukraine and ensure media relations in all regions and the broadest possible media coverage.

Our experts can always adjust your information to the local conditions and Ukraine’s accepted newspaper style.

We know how to articulate a key message to obtain the maximum amount of publications in both national and regional media.

We have implemented over 5,000 successful media events and are sure that we know everything about mass media.




PR and reputation management


Reputation is an asset, and, as a rule, asset management is commissioned to the experienced and trusted companies.

ECO Press has successfully implemented hundreds of projects for the domestic and international clients since 1999, so if you need a highly qualified and reliable PR and reputation management partner, you have come to the right address.

We will conduct a comprehensive research and analysis of the situation, develop a strategy and ensure a successful implementation of tactical activities at each project stage.

Civil and political PR, social communications, brand PR, B2B communications, crisis management, corporate communications, reputation management on-line and off-line – it is just a short list of areas in which we can offer you the well tested and efficient solutions.

Our comprehensive experience, professional expertise, well developed technologies and personal contacts are applied in the development of strategies and successful implementation of the most complex projects.

The long time in the profession helped us to develop exclusive ‘secret tools’ that take into account regional, age-related, financial, perception related and religious characteristics and media preferences of different target audiences in Ukraine and effectively reach them.

At the same time we always give preference to ‘ecologically clean’ strategies that in no case will affect the general public interest, or information environment or Client’s reputation – neither now, nor in the future.

A natural combination of new-media technologies and professional ‘ecologically clean’ PR from ECO Press is a recipe for a successful reputation management, which we are always happy to offer.



Content marketing


The world around us is not just the source, but also a product of content.
How we live and work, what we buy, eat and wear, how we spend our time, what we believe in and hope for – all this is formed by the content.
Far from everyone may remember, what had influenced him or her to act this way, and not the other one. A TV story, an article in the web, a post in the network, a word of a respected person, a bright event, an image downloaded to one’s smart phone – all this is content that defines our choices.
The professional content marketing offered by us is based on the comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, clear knowledge of adequate distribution channels, unified work of marketing consultants, PR strategists, creators and digital experts.
ECO Press Mass Communications Agency will help you to plan, develop and efficiently convey the content which would bring benefits to consumers and successful results to you and your business.
Try it and see it yourself!



TV productionDSC_0565

Everyone can shoot a video today. We will do it professionally.

ECO Press Mass Communications Agency will organize video shooting, development and distribution of all types of video content – from video releases to TV programs.

We have an in-house TV production facilities and a modern studio for voicing over and adapting video materials.  We can produce and voice over your corporate videos in English, Ukrainian or Russian languages.

Close cooperation of our mass communications experts  and an in-house TV crew – the highly professional cameramen, director, video and sound engineers, who have produced and adapted advertising reels and corporate videos for quite a few leading international manufacturers – ensures the successful communication of your key messages by means of television.

ECO Press is not only capable of producing high quality advertising and corporate videos, reels, and TV programs, but also of broadcasting them on the best terms.

We also produce our own TV programs, particularly, such TV programs as ‘Teletest’ (a program for consumers), ‘Image Class (beauty technologies), ‘My Business (for small businesses), ‘Green Planet’ (environment protection),, ‘Silsky Ranok’ (agricultural sector), ‘Sadyba+’ (farmstead building and arrangement), ‘Social Compass’ (within the World Bank project ‘Improvement of Social Support in Ukraine’).

The most popular broadcasting project of ECO Press agency is TV program ‘Sіlsky Chas (=Farm Time=) – it is the best known TV program for agricultural sector.

ECP Press Mass Communications Agency also offers video dubbing and adaptation services, such as translation, studio sound recording, post production, etc.