In the end of March representatives of Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine and civil society organization Osvitoria visited their children in ward – pupils of the social rehabilitation center Emerald City in Sviatogorsk, Donetsk oblast, within the educational project iLearn. Coca Coal and Osvitoria announced the launch of  this charity project in autumn last year. ECO Press team provided information support to this important activity.

clip_image001 The project aims to help graduates in preparation for exams Standardized External Testing (SET) and determining their future profession.

At the end of last year, the program of professional orientation was presented to the graduates within the framework of the project. As a result, it helped to identify the special characteristics and strong sides of pupils and determine the direction of their future profession. Also, the motivation and self-development training workshops, and individual psychologist consultation were organized for school leavers. The future graduates received a structured information about SET, the list of higher education establishments, entrance conditions, scholarships and employee demands. Since the beginning of March of this year the graduates started intensive preparations for SET via online education project iLearn. Currently the teachers of Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature, History of Ukraine, Math and English prepare pupils by providing extra webinars.

In addition, the program «First profession» was launched, that allows teen-agers to master practical professions that will be useful in adult life.Thus, two groups «Cookery» &  «Hairdressing» began its work since the March. The pupils were provided not only with professional teachers, but with all necessary cost-based materials and equipments for effective study.


The «Emerald City» became the first kids center where Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and Osvitoria public association launched the educational program for socially unprotected youth.

For this year we target to engage the four more orphanages of the country to the graduates educational project.

About «Emerald City»

«Emerald City» — social rehabilitation center for orphans in Svyatogirsk. Orphans were resting and educating here on shift basis from entire Donetsk region during peacetime. Now Center become a shelter for children displaced from ATO zone. Today about 500 kids aged from 3 to 17 years old sheltered in Center from war and bombarding. Government facilitated decent housing and feeding conditions, but many questions are staying open. Today there is needs in medicine (some children are HIV-infected), clothes and shoes, personal-care products, school outfit, books, toys etc. For additional information, please contact Director of Social Rehabilitation Center «Emerald City», Galyna Demchenko by e-mail:, tel.: (050) 958-70-05.