Media relations



ECO Press Mass Communications Agency provides exclusive media relations services – from the development of media campaign strategies to the creation of press services and permanent press centers.

We can organize media relations on an ongoing basis, or provide media support to individual projects.

We will professionally and efficiently organize and implement your media events in Kyiv and all Ukrainian regions, including press conferences, press tours, press clubs, workshops and other events with participation of mass media.

It includes full service – starting from concept development, speech drafting, professional press kits production, invitation of print media and news media journalists and TV crews, provision of premises and presentation equipment.

We will also ensure the uniform branding of an event, will develop design and texts for press kits, prepare a comprehensive package of presentation materials – press releases, infographics, souvenirs, reference materials on paper or in electronic form, video releases in professional TV formats, TV and photo reports on the outcomes of the event.

We have representatives and partners in the regional centers of Ukraine and are co-founders of the unique regional Press Club network, which operates in 24 regional centers of Ukraine and enables us to efficiently organize media relations in the regions of Ukraine that are of interest to our client and within a three-day period to arrange news conferences, seminars, or other press events in any oblast center of the country and to ensure the widest media coverage.

ECO Press Mass Communications Agency has a diversified network of representatives throughout Ukraine, which makes it possible to quickly organize media events in any part of the country.

We are co-founders of the unique network of 24 Regional Press Clubs that cover all regions of Ukraine and ensure media relations in all regions and the broadest possible media coverage.

Our experts can always adjust your information to the local conditions and Ukraine’s accepted newspaper style.

We know how to articulate a key message to obtain the maximum amount of publications in both national and regional media.

We have implemented over 5,000 successful media events and are sure that we know everything about mass media.