ECO Press combines the experience of the best professionals in the area of public relations, advertising, press, TV and new media. The long standing experience, personal professional level and extensive personal contacts of our employees ensure the strategic development and efficient implementation of the most challenging projects

In 1999 a group of Ukrainian managers of international companies developed a joint idea to build a new type communications agency in Ukraine, which would provide comprehensive services in the area of mass communications that would meet the highest international standards and, at the same time, took into consideration the peculiarities and price realities of Ukrainian market. Each of them had a significant experience of work in the representative offices of the global communications networks and international projects, and each of them strived for the provision of better services at reasonable prices to the clients.

And although the fashion to use ‘eco’ prefix will come to world only in the nearest future, the name ‘ECO Press’ symbolized for the young team the purity, safety and productivity as a norm of professional ethics and the grounds for interaction with the clients. It was decided to apply only such strategies and tactics, that would bring real value to the clients and that would not harm neither their reputation, nor the audience or information environment.