Since the moment of coming to Ukrainian market Philip Morris company has been actively involved in charity activities focusing on the most needy and vulnerable population groups.

PMU Help to Disabled Children program addresses the issue of rehabilitation of children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Rehabilitation facilities were donated to medical and social rehabilitation centers for children with nervous system disorders in 16 cities across Ukraine

ECO Press organized and implemented a series of national and local media events to support PMU Help to Disabled Children program.
ECO Press also performed arrangements with TV companies printed and web media, ensured on-going media relations at all project stages and monitored the media coverage.

ECO Press provided PR support to other PMU national charity activities, especially Chernobyl Help Project (in cooperation with the Children of Chornobyl Development and Relief Fund, international Charitable Foundation “Centre for Innovations and Development”, Charitable Foundation “Friends of Children Association”) by organizing national media events with the participation of the PMU speakers and a health care officials to cover the most important donations within this program.