ECO Press Mass Communications agency is not only capable of producing high quality advertising and corporate videos, reels, and TV programs, but also of broadcasting them on the best terms. We have an in-house TV production center and a modern studio for voicing over and adapting video materials. We can produce and voice over your corporate videos in English, Ukrainian or Russian languages.
We also produce our own TV programs, particularly, the Sіlsky Chas (=Farm Time=) and that is being broadcast on national channels and is the most influential media program for agricultural audience. It had been in the air for over 17 years already.
Sіlsky Chas (=Farm Time=) TV Program team have been working in close cooperation and partnership with international organizations and projects that contribute to agricultural sector modernization in Ukraine. Since 1999 our team has implemented TV support to the projects, such as:

– UN Project to Support Women Farmers – workshops and training for women farmers in different oblasts (provinces) of Ukraine (with the support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and oblast public administrations) – TV coverage;

– TACIS farmer support project in different regions of Ukraine that included creation of information centers (in cooperation with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and State Committee for Business Development in Ukraine) – TV coverage;

– Poverty Reduction and Business Development in Rural Areas – with support from DFID and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine – production of a series of 14 educational documentaries “Making Business in a Village – First Steps”;

– UNDP projects (in 2004-2005) including the project for social support to rural residents, creation and activities of rural communities) – educational TV footages;

– Land Privatization Support Project in Ukraine (with support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, State Land Resource Committee, oblast public administrations and international organizations (ULTI) – implementation of field TV forums;

– TACIS project to create and develop the legislation base for civil society organizations of agricultural producers in Ukraine (with support from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) – coverage of the workshops and project stages;

– Anti-counterfeit TV campaign – Preparing and broadcasting of anti-counterfeit TV materials in Silskiy Chas TV Program (ECPA European Crop Protection Association in the framework of the Program “CIP-Anti Counterfeit, Training and Awareness” ACF Action Plan, Ukraine).