In 2009-2011 within the Social Assistance System Modernization Project (the World Bank and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine) ECO Press has implemented a comprehensive range of activities that included strategy development for Public Education Campaign , corporate identity development and production of print materials, Publication of monthly newsletter ‘Socialny Visnyk’ (Social Herald) and TV Programme ‘Social Compass’, as well as production of weekly TV and radio programmes; Production and placement of TV segments on the national and regional TV channels, Organization of the national media seminar in Kiev and more than 50 Press Club meetings and press tours in all regions of Ukraine. Implementation of media activities and media monitoring throughout Ukraine.

Preliminary evaluation of the performance and impact of the Project “Improvement of the Social Support System”, which was performed in September 2010 by the NGO “Kyiv Institute of Economy”, Kyiv School of Economics, and the research company JFK Ukraine, has confirmed that information campaign “had a significant positive influence on the rates of knowledge among the adult population, primarily among the potential recipients”. According to the researchers, in contrast to 2008 (before the launch of the campaign), when only 25% of the population was aware of the eligibility criteria to receive social assistance, in 2010 this rate increased to 60%.

Results of media monitoring and analysis of the journalist questionnaires collected following the media events, have also confirmed the growth of awareness and interest of journalists towards the topics of social assistance, while the overall number of relevant publications has also increased.