The biggest interactive Coca-Cola museum in Europe was opened in Velyka Dymerka, Brovary region, Kyiv oblast, the place where the enterprise ofCoca-Cola Beverages Ukraine is located.

The museum opening is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Coca-Cola in Ukraine.

The museum consists of several thematic zones and a cinema. Its uniqueness lies not only in the use of advanced presentation technologies, such as helio-display, which creates 3D project show; interactive lake with virtual fish, but also in the approach to exposition filling — along with the history and production of world-famous drink, a great part of it is dedicated to environmental protection, water resources and the necessity of responsible attitude to it. Water is an indispensable resource for community and eco-systems, and also the main ingredient in beverage products as well as an essential constituent of many production processes.

On the occasion of museum opening ECO Press Mass Communication Agency and  Kyiv press-club of the National Union of Journalists organized a field session named “Modern production and responsible attitude to natural resources” with the participation of Olexandr Nikitash, Director of Hydrogeological and Environmental Centre of SE “Ukrainian Geological Company”, Andriy Bublyk, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and Vitalij Zavazhenko, Plant Manager of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine.

In the course of the meeting the state of water resources in Kyiv region, advanced technologies and environmental protection were discussed. Andriy Bublyk told about 20-year experience of Coca-Colain Ukraine and stressed the priorities for the future.

“20-year history of Coca-Cola in Ukraine demonstrates innovation in the production processes and new approaches to environmental protection. The company is focused on water stewardship, responsible attitude to packaging, rational use of energy and fighting climate change, because the health of the environment in which we live and work, depends on the health of our business”, — said Andriy Bublyk.