Trainings and special events

зірковий майстер-клас

Do you feel that journalists are not competent enough to cover the developments in your business or civil area? Do you have sufficient grounds to believe that mass media are not aware enough of the specific characteristics of your industry? Well, the journalists may not have perfect knowledge about everything. Why don’t you share your expert knowledge in your area with them?

A professionally organized training workshop will provide participants with necessary knowledge and skills, and you will have an opportunity to clearly communicate your key messages and initiate a mutually beneficial long term cooperation with them.

ECO Press will organize training workshops, round tables, seminars, conferences, targeted tours, forums and other events in Kyiv and all Ukrainian regions for your employees, partners, target media representatives and consumers.

We will develop a training curriculum, agenda, creative concept for the presentations; we will ensure a comprehensive event management for any activities or will jointly develop a new format and make it popular!

ECO Press offers a high quality ‘turn-key’ conference service in Ukraine, including transportation, accommodation, food, spare time activities for the participants, and professional equipment. We will translate, adapt and prepare convincing texts and multimedia presentations, invite experts, ensure facilitation and translation (including simultaneous).

Also, ECO Press successfully implements business training and media training. We have the well developed cases and methods that have proven their efficiency. We know how to make a training exciting, useful and unforgettable.

Media training workshops are the most popular today.Our experts can develop and conduct effective media training for your media relations managers. We apply the latest presentation equipment and international training techniques with an additional focus on the peculiarities of conducting press relations in Ukraine. Each instruction program includes a training press conference involving professional TV journalists and TV shooting.Media training can be conducted for a team and for the individuals – the top officials of your company.

We will develop and successfully implement training programs tailored for your needs.

We will take into account the specific characteristics of your business, your special requirements and all important details.