Most people in Ukraine are vaccinated against tetanus and therefore protected from this disease. Yet there are millions of moms and babies around the globe who did not receive this vaccine – as a result, close to 30,000 women and 140,000 children die from tetanus annually.

Tetanus kills one child every three minutes around the world; more than 95% infected babies with no access to adequate care die of this disease, while simple and cheap vaccine is enough to make them live.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and TM Pampers joined their efforts to save mothers and children from tetanus. The ensuing campaign “1 Package = 1 Vaccine” sought to use a part of revenues from the sales of Pampers® products on procurement of tetanus vaccines for mothers and their babies in some of the poorest countries in the world.

The ECO Press agency offered a comprehensive communication support to the project. A press tour of Ukrainian journalists and photographers to the Democratic Republic of Congo was one of key events. Reporters from dedicated media could personally observe the process of immunization, and described it to the readers.

In the meantime, photographers Oleksandr Nesterenko and Ihor Berezovchuk produced a photo exhibition “Give Them a Chance to Live”, dedicated to children of DRC. This exhibition captured attention of the general public and mass media (some of these photos can be found in “Photo/Video” section of this website).